Commissioned work by interesting clients in and on some wonderful houses have produced some exciting works. The work below represents some these works that sprung in reaction to conversations, environments and people. They are site specific and born out of lengthy process of visits and consultations.

Casa Son Vida, Mallorca

ali Coi carp poolside mural, on garage roof. Freehand painting 200m square.

paulCommission for several works around the property. All works around the house were completed over a 4 week timescale, many of the stencils were cut on site. More pictures at coolhunter.
Architecture by Tec Architecture interiors by Marcel Wanders More images here

Diet Life (Private house London)
4m x 4m spray paint on laser cut aluminum. The plates were mounted on an armature which bolted to the wall. The work floated of the wall with each plate mounted ontop of each other to create a depth in the surface.dl_dotslarge scale site specific work on spray paint on aluminumDL_monkiesfull_dlMore images here

Ski Chalet Ischgl Austria

Invited  by a private client to decorate an apartment in a new development near the ski resort of Ischgl. The deer was specifically cut for the space and is a local breed common to the valley. Repeat patterns from Dotmasters soft furnishings were introduced onto wall surfaces as repeat patterns.
dear_frameA selection of Dotmaster cushions  that mirror repeat stencil patterns used .