Dotmasters is an internationally renowned street artist and multi-media creator, with an eclectic career spanning more than three decades of practice. His eclectic and evolving style takes a sideways look at populist culture, delivered with a typically British sense of humour.

Behind Dotmasters is Leon Seesix, an early pioneer of street art in the ‘90s. Originally based in Brighton, his art practice started as a revolutionary mix of stencil street art, graffiti, performance and digital art, with work exhibited online, on the street, in gallery installations and nightclubs.

At that time, ‘graffiti’ was evolving into ‘street art’, with street works historically classed as vandalism now bequeathed a new status. Within this context, the Dotmasters project emerged, founded on a principle drive to create work in an unmediated space and in direct contact with its audience.

He is a versatile and innovative artist, constantly experimenting with new techniques and mediums from spray paint, stencils and stickers to LED lights and augmented reality.  From street stencils to luxury interiors, grass-roots activism to big brand collaboration, Dotmasters’ work explores themes such as consumerism, media, politics and identity, challenging the viewer to question their own assumptions and beliefs. His work is not only a reflection of his own vision, but also a commentary on the contemporary society and culture, both critique and celebration of the world we live in.

Dotmasters has exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Dubai. He has played a founding role in numerous street art festivals and events, such as the international Nuart festival in Norway, Glastonbury Festival and Banksy’s Cans Festival. He is a founding member of the C6 collective, a group of artists, activists and pranksters who use art and technology to create interactive and immersive installations and has collaborated with a wide range of international artists including Ben Eine and Nick Walker.