Eloquent Vandals, I was the interviewer, sound recordist (sorry nick) and appear sporadically throught the film. Made by Saft films with a kicking soundtrack from Nick Smith

Dotmasters feature in Banksy’s new movie “Exit through the gift shop”

A longer sneak peek at “Exit through the gift shop” there’s a blink and you miss it cut of some dots going up in LA.

Also in the Nuart movie “Eloquent Vandals” showing at a film festival near you

Shot for channel 4 at Cordy house home of the Mutoids

Dotmasters at Banksy’s Cans festival Waterloo

Dotmasters co-curate and co-produce Nuart in Stavanger, Norway, since 2005

Dotmasters on tour with The Buzzcocks 30th anniversary tour as VJ’s

Getting Dogged in Hackney