Competition Results

Thanks for all the great entries into the¬†#IAMHERE competition – you made it hard for the judges. After much deliberation, we have settled on five winners –¬†sorry it’s taken so long to collate these, Its been hectic and i am travelling at the moment.

Below are some of the best entries..

First prize and second prize goes to a brother and sister team all the way from Australia, who’s mum entered them both @rachelwood82 on twitter and @Maragrade on instagram. They are the ones sticking Was stickers to tag the work.

Rachel says “kids had a ball doing it & we got some great shots! We moved here from the country in Victoria, Australia in December.. London has introduced us to the world of street art, and the kids are ALWAYS on the lookout for it now.”.. Good to see a new generation of rude kid vandals..

Third prize goes to @1singo from instagram who has the wonderful “You are here” tee shirt, with his energetic video and stills

Forth prize goes to @yasminecamilla whose daughter was made to pose for the shot, she must be 4 and is so dam cute.

Fifth prize goes to the enigmatic @wanderingairhostess aka Clare Williams.

winners have been contacted and will receive their prizes soon.. Thanks to RISE Gallery and Croydon Rising for making this possible..