Special editions

During Lockdown I was conscious that all the people I work with were suddenly in the same boat as i was – no work, not much to do and bills piling up on the mat.

Ben from Mesh Silkscreens was busy doing decals for builders vans and keen to get back to the silk screening he is so well known for. I decided to do a print edition, a set of three of the kids i was basing most of these Lockdown experiments on. Using the same idea in various different mediums left me free to explore new techniques to the maximum.  Astrid, my dentist’s extrovert kid, Edgar the son of my friend Joe, half of the legendary clothing designers Vexed Generation, and Indigo (Inky) my wonderful niece.

Like the boxes, these rude kids were going to be tagging dotmaster portraits against the background of one of my wallpapers.

I decided to do a small edition through my website and another in a custom colourway for each gallery I work with: Graffik Gallery in London, GCA in Paris and Stella Dore in Hastings. That way we could all keep busy and perhaps pay a few of those bills that keep on piling up..

Usually I do a few special prints with Ben, he seems to be able to print on anything – veneers, plastics, even dollar bills, nothing seems to phase him.

Always keen to up-cycle and guilty of never throwing anything away, the specials from this print edition were on old lithographic plates that i’d been printing stuff on for the last 10 years and had never resulted in a finished work, as well as some 10mm acrylic rescued from a skip at a new underground station.