Street Drop Puzzle

The Dotmasters present a global, free, street drop edition puzzle.

20 piece jigsaw puzzle artwork

To celebrate a new year and National Puzzle day on the 29th of January. I plan to drop 60 odd of these puzzles in the streets of London (Brick Lane area, Shoreditch) Paris, Palma and Tokyo, Osaka
Penge, Stavanger and The wirral, all places that i have strong ties to and where friends that help me paint are based.

10 in London and 5 in each of the other locations.

i’ve been hard a work in the studio getting together these hand painted 20 piece jigsaws. I’m still trying to work out various clues, photos and maps to show you were i’ve stashed them. The clues will be given through Instagram twitter and with various partners around the world .

clues will follow check my channels for updates and clues .