New lines please.

Up cycling out of date London Underground pocket maps

Central Line
Central Line Set

The news from the underground is that we are losing a line, and gaining a few to simplify it?! The orange overground is out and turns in to  Lioness, Mildmay, Windrush, Weaver, Suffragette and Liberty with colours we will all soon learn.

I suddenly realised that this would make all their pocket maps (free from every station) outdated and these would soon need to be replaced with a new one. Rather than see these things go to land fill i ran around town collecting them with a view to up cycling them into something you could keep to mark a few new lines.

After a week of frantic collecting, dry mounting and painting i’m happy to show you what i’ve been up to.

The first ones i set about making to see if they would work were Indigo, Astrid and Edgar, three of the iconic rudekids series. I’ve been living on the Central line for a decade and have a deep love of the colour red, the first few were always going Central line centric. Because of this each one priced at a cheaper price of £60 +P&P

Indigo central line, dry mounted underground map 27.5cm x 16cm available here

Astrid Central line, dry mounted underground map 24.5cm x 16cm Available here

Edgar Central line, dry mounted underground map 24.5cm x 16cm
Available here

Central Line
Central Line Set

Central line set, The three above as a set, for the bargain price of £150
Available here

Then i thought, perhaps you want your rude kid popping your own line colour up on a underground map. All you have to do is choose your line here. Bespoke lines will be charged at £80. This is time based offer starting today and finishing Saturday 24th at 8pm GMT. All orders will be shipped Royal mail (special delivery within UK and tracked world wide) all orders are aimed to be shipped before the 5th of March.

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