New lines please.

Up cycling out of date London Underground pocket maps

Central Line
Central Line Set

The news from the underground is that we are losing a line, and gaining a few to simplify it?! The orange overground is out and turns in to  Lioness, Mildmay, Windrush, Weaver, Suffragette and Liberty with colours we will all soon learn.

I suddenly realised that this would make all their pocket maps (free from every station) outdated and these would soon need to be replaced with a new one. Rather than see these things go to land fill i ran around town collecting them with a view to up cycling them into something you could keep to mark a few new lines.

After a week of frantic collecting, dry mounting and painting i’m happy to show you what i’ve been up to.

The first ones i set about making to see if they would work were Indigo, Astrid and Edgar, three of the iconic rudekids series. I’ve been living on the Central line for a decade and have a deep love of the colour red, the first few were always going Central line centric. Because of this each one priced at a cheaper price of £60 +P&P

Indigo central line, dry mounted underground map 27.5cm x 16cm available here

Astrid Central line, dry mounted underground map 24.5cm x 16cm Available here

Edgar Central line, dry mounted underground map 24.5cm x 16cm
Available here

Central Line
Central Line Set

Central line set, The three above as a set, for the bargain price of £150
Available here

Then i thought, perhaps you want your rude kid popping your own line colour up on a underground map. All you have to do is choose your line here. Bespoke lines will be charged at £80. This is time based offer starting today and finishing Saturday 24th at 8pm GMT. All orders will be shipped Royal mail (special delivery within UK and tracked world wide) all orders are aimed to be shipped before the 5th of March.


Japan 23

i was invited to collaborate with Taku Hisamura for two shows, one in Tokyo at Gallery Kawamatsu and then a larger installation show at Art Osaka . An initial preview show in Tokyo enabled me to paint the 3 Huts that made up the final show, in an upstairs cupboard (only joking…no really) at Kawamatsu.

Japan like most places around the world is hotter than usual. It hosts a WBT (wet bulb temperature) everyday experience.

short video by @nu-rm7pk

After a successful preview in Tokyo, thanks to everyone who attended! We packed the Hut up and moved all three to a new space in Osaka part of the Art Osaka art fair.

To coincide with my trip to Japan, Kawamatsu and i decided to coincide my visit with a release a print. Its a 5 colour silkscreen print on 300gsm Somerset paper printed in the Uk by Bicep press. It’s a smaller than usual indigo image measuring 60 x 23 cm featuring a new Japanese wave wallpaper and a new Dot Master Hokusai’s “The great wave of Kanagawa”

Indigo gets up! Japan edition of 33 plus a few hand finished special editions each one unique in wall paper and colour way.

The works from the show can be found here

Indigo gets up! japan blue wave edition plus a few hand finished unique works .

I was happy to have Osaka in the schedule this trip and it gave me a chance to catch up, paint and drink with some old friends. I have been coming to Osake to paint for over 10 years and always friends have be kind enough to find me spots to paint. Thanks Ken! Thank you Masagon!

I had one spot left to paint, This trip’s image was definitely The Great Wave. I’d painted this on the street in Tokyo with in 4 hours of my arrival.

I’d been in touch with ol Gypsy eyes who actually lives in Kanagawa (where the great wave is set) and nagged him for months before my arrival to find me somewhere to paint it. He’s a great guy and helps visiting street artists find spots. I’d visited his stretch of coast last time we were working together and fallen i love with the series of little bays that Tokyo comes to bathe in summertime, across the water Mount Fuji stands in the clouds. It seemed like the perfect spot for it and wanted to visit and paint.

View from the black water Onsen

So i did.

A big thanks to all who helped on this one Seigo , Gypsy Eyes, Shin at Substance Bar Koenji city. Tuna Guy aka Mikami. Play the Earth bar.

Thank you Japan! I had a wonderful time.


brishit airlines

Making travel impossible forever . Forget fly the flag . go dutch with KLM


Show news

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last couple of months, I’ve been busy building a show for Kawamatsu Gallery for Art Osaka, with a preview event in Tokyo on the 19th of July. The show “Hut trick” is a collaborative show with Taku Hisamura , whose street architecture practice creates surfaces for me to paint.

Part of Art osaka’s city wide exhibits, This installation show will give you a temporary structure based shanty town for the public to explore.


National puzzle day


Trash Bag print

Trash Bag Still Life

Happy to announce the release of the latest print in my Trash Bag series. The Dior edition.

It started as a joke, painting trompe l’oeil piles of trash on city streets in 2006. Over the years, the black refuse sacks were joined with brands that rose and fell in our collective consciousness

…Whatever the name, they all end up in the trash.

This Dior edition Trash Bag will be released on the 24th of October . We’ve printed a few colour ways with plans to release these small editions over the coming 3 months.

Super happy with how this latest trash bag silk screen turned out. It’s a 16 colour silk screen on Somerset satin tub sized 410 gsm paper. 35cm x 50cm . Edition of 40 signed and 42 unsigned.

Both signed and unsigned comes with a sheet of silk screened wrapping paper. The signed edition is accompanied with a hand painted tube.

There will be a launch event at Graffik Gallery on the 24th of October 2022. Join us for a drink and the show “One mans Trash is another’s treasure” Dior edition launch starts at 6.30 pm 284 Portobello Rd, W10 5TE London.

The print will be launched from this site on the same day at 1400 GMT here


Ebor Street with Eine


Timelapse “Bunch”

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Nuart 2019

It was nice to be asked back to Nuart after a few years away from Stavanger. As i used to work on production for the festival, the visit was radically different to my previous years experiences. Coupled with the fact i was painting my new Gaffa-tape “Stick em” up series, it gave me a fresh pair of eyes to see the town and festival. No cherry pickers, no assistants and no confirmed walls meant i was free to wander the town and paint these little pieces on doors and electrical cabinets at my own pace.

In my opinion, the placement of art on the street is often key to the work’s success, both visually and, often, in terms of its longevity. It’s a dynamic that is hard to re-create during a festival, as artists from all over the world descend on a town or city with pre-ordered paint, ideas and walls. With artists wanting to go large, festivals wanting a mark worthy of the booking and a city wanting eye-candy to brighten its darkest corners, that placement is often overlooked. As a producer, i am only too well aware of the conflict between all the interests, the art form and its roots. So it was great when Martyn Reed offered a retro way of working for my trip to Nuart 2019.

Photo by Runa Andersen

A map showing the spots painted over the 4 days in town.

Nuart is a festival close to my heart, it’s always great fun and the shows in the beer halls at Tou have been some of my proudest production moments. It’s always a great crew thats easy to work with and a real party feeling for the week or two that you’re there. Loved a lot of the work around me and it was a pleasure to be asked back to take part

Above Oscar and Gabriel, local rude kids who have grown up with Nuart and who i’ve know through the festival since birth. This year they made it into the show.

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Line em out

Happy to announce that i am doing a show with old friend Stella Dore Gallery in Leonard’s on Sea, Hastings on in the 26th of July. I’ve made loads of new stuff and have a print release to coincide with the show.

It’s a small edition of 24, four colours 70cm x 50 cm on 375gsm Lambeth cotton rag, printed by Mesh silkscreen Bristol. Prints will be released at the private view on the Friday and then the remaining prints will be available on line on Saturday the 27th of July for £85 plus P&P here.

There are also 4 editions of 12 the roller stripe in hand finished acrylic paint. Roller stripes will be in a lilac, green, orange and a magenta for the price of £125 plus P&P. These will also be available to those that attend the show on the 26th, the remainder will be online the next day here.

Stella Dore kindly organised an amazing spot for me to paint, Ruby’s Rooms
on the St. Leonards sea front opposite the pier.