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So…Here’s your first chance to watch “Eloquent Vandals” the film about the ¬†Nuart’s festival 2008. Half an hour long and made with a hell of allot of good will. Its not a bad snapshot of what happens at Nuart (if you ignore the horrid lies that i break our artists noses). Any how you can watch it Monday January 31st at 10.00 GMT at the brooklynite gallery site. The film was directed and shot and lit by Martin Hawkes with myself conducting all the interviews and doing the sound . There is a fantastic soundtrack by Nick smith and the whole thing was put together at Saft films under the watchful eye of Mr Nuart himself Martyn Reed. Its worth a look and features footage of Nuart 2007 plus in depth interviews and a general look and feel at what we do at Nuart. There are lots of free give aways ¬†available on the day so turn on, tune in, and Get up!