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Freedom of Speech

A good friend of mine has recently been accused of slander by the italian prison guards authority (italian state). Her crime? Asking for information about the death of Aldo Bianzino

In 2007, Aldo Bianzino a carpenter in Perugia Italy was arrested for growing a few marijuana plants, he was taken into custody, where 2 days later he was found dead in his prison cell. NO, EXPLANATION, OR DETAILS HAVE EVER BEEN RELEASED!  My friend, Patrizia Cirino an artist and activist, has been campaigning for information about Aldo’s death and is being accused of slander by the Italian authorities . Her crime? Simply wanting the truth. Help her get it and fight a possible 3 year sentence and win justice for Aldo.

Some like minded friends are putting together a fund raising event, i will be donating several items of art for the raffle  and trying to get other artist friends to do the same. If you want to donate something or enter the raffle or simply find out about our cause come down to THE ROYAL SOVEREIGN, CLAPTON SUNDAY 12th FEB FROM 2.30pm  64 Northwold Rd, E5 8RL