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Is it me? Or has it changed?

Recently i went shopping to replace some colours in the Montana Gold range, only to find that the can undergone a redesign. That however was not the only change. For some reason known only to themselves the names of colours have changed taking on the preposterous  tone of interior design paints where mid yellow becomes the “child of sunshine and happiness”. For example the aptly named silver grey (fairly good description of the colour of the paint) becomes ‘wall’. Light grey becomes marble. Talking about colour is like dancing about architecture but come on guys leave the art fag titles to chinz obsessed interior decorators.
That is not where the difference ends, and this brings me to the title of this post, It it me? Or has it changed? Is the consistency of the paint is different? it seems wetter, less dusty? Is it me or does it take longer to dry? The colours appear different to the old range, the greys more green, less a true mix of black and white? Whats gone on?