Chrome & Black’s 3rd birthday bash

A great night out at Chrome & Blacks 3rd birthday last night, a motley crew assembled, fore warned that although paint had brought them together, this was not the time and place. A load of familiar faces, even if no one knew eachothers real names. After a raffle and some impromptu break dancing (jeez i haven’t seen anyone pull those moves on a night out for a decade) It was off to the shop for a lock in surrounded by paint and fragrant smoke. Well done Lads! Bloody great night from Londons premier Art suppliers….ahem.

Never seen the complete Belton range  without gaps in the racks….beautiful !

Sick in San Fran

Sickboy and I  hit up a mates flat in central London a couple of weeks ago. Sickie was filming a short film to promote his show in San fran this week at white walls . Nice vid, although there is a blink and you will miss it shot of me painting a wall in the front room. I bet the shows a corker, if your in town post a dream or two in the post boxes he’s dropping round town, or drop by the show bound to be a crazy mix of installation and great paintings.

A right royal knees up

Ok, it was a strange day and probably not the crowd that most people were hanging out with while kate and bill got married.  Baroness von Reichardt (aka Carrie) invited a whole lot of friends over for an alternative street party. Where, you may ask? Chiswick! I know bloody weird in itself! So weird in fact that Channel 4 were in attendance for their Unofficial Royal Wedding program that goes out on monday 2nd.
Although you could avoid watching it,  cut short due to the breaking news of the death of osama bin lightbulb. The short version is a blessing though, forgettable.

you could however read this article about carries’s brand of mayhem here ID magazine

An amazing day, allot of fun, I set up shop making MonroER tenners, Lots of folk brought their money to be doctored, did some twenties and even an Egyptian 100 pound note for Nick Reynolds, the sphinx getting the yellow hair treatment.


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