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Open source Torture


Friends of The dotmasters, Ubermorgen and James Powderly release this must have collection of USA torture classics straight from the forgotten holes where they keep all the forgotten victims.

TIME LIFE announces the release of the TORTURE CLASSICS COLLECTION. Torture Music is the kind of music that’s perfect for sitting in the Afghan or Iraqi Desert, sharing a prisoner for a night, or relaxing in a military barack or a CIA black site in some godforsaken country on a lazy afternoon. It’s music that just makes you feel free and drives others crazy. But, the artists included in the TORTURE CLASSICS COLLECTION have taken the Torture Music sound and given it a psychotic and everlasting quality. This Torture Music compilation includes 60 songs, tons of images, uncensored videos, pdfs and extra bonus material. The Ultiimate Collection DOWNLOAD-DVD inlcudes both The White Site Album and The Black Site Album.

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Casa Son Vida pics from coolhunter shots of Dotmasters on the house.

check the Ali Gym shot in the distance

more here of course

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Random Weekend

It was a whistle stop tour of East and West Sussex this weekend. Ted and Claire’s in Haywards Heath, for a messed up night in the nicest tent i have ever not stayed in, then Poynings for a visit to Grange farm, fun wasps and a swiming pool and then onto Sam Haggerty’s pikey camp for a celebration of final planning permission on the workshops in the wood. Allot of different places and people with one mission, to stay up all night and talk nonsense (check the photo for confirmation of it)

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Ubu web

Saw this site ages ago and loved it! Followed a link to it today, to find it had quadrupled in size. A great resource for all those weird avant guarde films you can never find. There are hundreds of films in this archive they range from  Not I by S. Beckett which is absolutely terrifying, to Fat Boy Slim’s  weapon of choice which is frankly silly. Well worth a visit, Ubu Web

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Camel Balls

Apparently they are extra sour….Bubble gum of course!

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Old model

Wandering around brick lane on my way to atlantis, spotted these. Don’t know who did em but loved the technique if not the subject matter. Aren’t these folk famous enough? Is it weird cutting stuff from other peoples pictures or is it just me? Who knows perhaps Nick Knight is getting up. Nice style though. Ian from Wallkandy reckoned they were some sort of viral ad campaign, figures.

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Tagger scum

Some helpful person is labeling the street. Don’t know who is weirder, the Tagger or someone so incensed that they produce a sticker to tell you something you already knew. Made me laugh though!