Studio work

Moving Studio

I have been looking for a new studio for years. I hate moving, and didn’t want to make the wrong move (that is one i would have to do again anytime soon). Luckily after much searching one has been found! A great space out east with a good collection of artists and craftsmen and women that i have been working on and off with for a few years now. The space was a shell, but the chance to make a purpose built studio that will last a few years was too good to waste.

Before i moved in the old stable block looked like this, I had to build a floor, sod working on the old concrete one….too cold in the winter….brrrrr.
 Photo taken from the back room towards the doorway
Its still not finished…Hopefully next week, but the back is broken on the building work, there’s still  quite allot to do but hopefully next week i can move all the shit from one to the other…..if you want to know just how much stuff check the picture below. (Yep its that bloody small i can only get that much of it in)
To celebrate the new move there will be a studio clearance give away some time in late november, stay tuned for details.