Festival Nuart Stavanger

Nuart 2011 report

So the dust has settled and aches have been soothed and some distance has been put between myself and the city of Stavanger.  It was my 6th Nuart,  I have exhibited, curated and produced and sometimes all 3 at the same time. This year saw me in purely a production role, helping artists to navigate the beer halls of Tou Scene, Stavanger. We were blessed with unseasonably balmy weather, with a mid twenties 1st of October and weeks of little rainfall. For a year where we did a gallery show there was a hell of a lot of street work done. The sun came out and the lid came off the box of frogs.

The beer halls at the old Brewery consist of a large for hall with 6 17m by 5m chambers running off a large corridor. most people took a whole chamber for them selves. Each one becoming an environment for their characters, themes or installations.  The rooms are large and its a daunting task putting a mark on them. This years artists really took to the task and created some stunning spaces and moods making the space a stage for their art.

David Choe and DVS-1
Dan Witz
Escif & Huyro
Herbert Baglione

To top it all Nuart had Lucy McLaughlin over to paint a lighthouse just outside town. This two eek project coincided with Nuart and after finishing up early Lucy, Kate and Matt hit town, joining the artists on the streets.

This year Matt and Evan from Juxtapoz made the trip from the states to witness the fun and create a stream of posts live during the week. Couple of great guys and their posts can be found here.

We were lucky we had such good media support, things happen so quick during production that without people like Henrik  who shot stuff for Arrested Motion we would miss a lot of what goes on ourselves. Henriks photos and posts can be found here .

We had a few screw ups, some crossed wires but all in all the production team pulled of one of the smoothest years i’ve ever had at Nuart. There are too many names to mention, some i hardly met, but each one helped achieve off a city wide invasion of art that leaves a lasting legacy on the streets of Stavanger. The show is open from friday to saturday at Tou Scene, but you only have to walk around the town to see what fun we had this year. See you in 2012.