Big Buck

Dollar bill detail

Dollar Stencil


Initially this was half cut for the Diet Life work last year. Only half of the Dollar was needed in the composition,  and as it took days to cut, a bloody good reason was needed to finish this finger destroying thing off. At last the reason was found and i finished this stencil off for the center piece of a commissioned work in Victoria, London.


Only took 6 months

At Last finished, one of two small maquettes (one aluminum, one card) . Although made to test construction of the larger commission, these smaller ones threw up problems of their own. Some elements of the larger work could not be reduced due to their complexity. The dollar and Mao buck were silkscreened in these smaller editions to recreate the feel of the larger work in smaller scale. Both were both mounted on a backing board to raise them off the wall.

Diet Life Maquette 60cm x 60 cm