london mad pride protest

You’d have to be Mad not to protest

So the Mad Pride tribe came together for the day of action in Hyde park at speakers corner yesterday. As i arrived the effigy sporting a double faced head (made during an effigy making workshop at Core arts the week before) hung from a tree. As the chill wind blew, it spun to reveal the lying eyes of both cameron and osbourne. The demonstrators sporting their new Mad pride tee shirts and holding the placards of earlier posts, listened to rallying cries of defiance and sad tales of psychiatric miss adventure. These cuts shouldn’t hurt our societies most vulnerable but  it seems that those whose voices are the weakest will be the ones who pay the dearest. After poetry, call to arms and a  two minute scream, the effigy was beaten with some gusto, its entrails (sausages) finally being cooked on an open fire made of its body and devoured by the crowd.
The event was important in generating a sense of unity among the displaced and medicated, in these troubled and stressful times there may not be much that separates the sane from the mad, there but for the grace of god go i.