Glastonbury warm up gig

Tickets now available online (cheaper than on the night) here

Early bird and advance tickets get you into the after party and the Originals and Prints Prize Draw.

Kindly donated works being raffled by: Wreckage, Dotmasters, Part2ism, Carrie Reichardt, Teddy Baden, Dr D, Snug One, David Walker, Jo Peel and more coming all the time…

Only took 6 months

At Last finished, one of two small maquettes (one aluminum, one card) . Although made to test construction of the larger commission, these smaller ones threw up problems of their own. Some elements of the larger work could not be reduced due to their complexity. The dollar and Mao buck were silkscreened in these smaller editions to recreate the feel of the larger work in smaller scale. Both were both mounted on a backing board to raise them off the wall.

Diet Life Maquette 60cm x 60 cm

Robin Hood Tax

The Robin Hood Tax were drumming up support yesterday with Mutate Britain at Cordy house in Shoreditch. An morning press call brought the cameras out on a thankfully sunny day. A small pop up show accompanied the proceedings and can be visited on Saturday and Sunday at Cordy house, Curtain road, Shoreditch. An article can be found here.

Bill Nighy posing for the press

Bill Nighy posing for the press

Cordy House

Just when you thought the old dog was dead, you find yourself back in cordy house with the usual suspects causing chaos. This time its the Robin Hood Tax , Dr D pasting up the walls outside, Teddy B doing the dog while Pete Dunn and Kevin sort the gallery upstairs. Thursday night see’s an opening of sorts of a like minded bunch supporting something that makes sense….i know advice from the delusional, but cordy house is alive again! Got some stuff upstairs in the show and some on the street below.

I love this door, its a beauty!