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Kicking off 2011 is the completion of the capture series. There are 3 more remaining to make the 3×3 matrix of cctv monitors, 9 in all. Featured so far, the last cctv footage of Diana & Dodi, 7/7 bus bombing, Brinks Matt robbery, Heathrow securitas robbery, ┬áthe shooting of Jean Charles Menezes, the stabbing of┬áDerek Spaulding and now the last sighting of Jill Dando. There are 2 left in the series and they should follow later next week. All images are taken from cctv footage, the shots are candid photos of events and moments and not my composition. This unusual for me and the process has been a strange one, the recreating of a low res video image in spray paint has been a tricky one and i am looking forward to seeing them all together. More pictures of the rest of the series here