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So i’ve been mucking around with some old masters, poor old Holbien gets it this time, if you listen very closely you can hear him turn in his grave. Skulls and drapes, it’s curtains either way.


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Easter in mallorca


So those nice folks at Widewalls have invited a load of artists to paint up an old ice cream parlour on the beach that is due for demolition. Easter in the sun…Now thats more like it.

Studio work

Spelling it out

Spelling it out, the shhhh, the I and the T triptych, 90cm by 90 cm canvases,


Putting on the Ritz

With the Ritz just out the window, thought they needed a little extra security. Thanks to Ian Cox for the great photos

Studio work


Early test print of a new Single colour stencil of a german KVB train (1.4m) on white fabrino paper. Excuse the toes.

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Losing your edge


I’ve been sick and tried of losing my scalpels over the years so i’ve come up with the above method for guaranteeing they always have a place on my desk, “The desk target”. its always more fun to put things back where they should be if you can make a game out of it.

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Bangkok n’ Charles Krafft

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A Higher Class of Trash

Thanks to all who came to the show at REed proJECTS Gallery on the 9th for my show “High class trash”. A great night was had by all, fixing vodka martini’s in a grey plastic bucket oiled the wheels for Martyns inspired idea of having a costume competition for 10 free prints. Which coupled with the Trashtini’s brought the best and worst out in so many of you. The idea was to come  as a Toff or trashy, with all too many of you opting for the classy end of the spectrum.  I Think if it was in London we would of seen more cheap chains and shell suits, at least i know it would of been the outfit for me and my crew. Below are a selection of the winners of the best and worst dressed. Thanks to all who came, got trashed, also a special thank you to Martyn, Tore, Camilla, Anastasia and  Jon who made it all possible.

Lassa and son.

Lina in her vintage Chanel

Miss Stavanger in sequins

Even the dog got a prize in this very fetching recycled jacket.

Again thanks to all who came, drank, bought and had fun. Shows open till the 9th of December.

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I should Coco

Well it’s here, the much requested and much against my better judgement; a whopping 9 colour bloody silkscreen,  yep thats right 9! And not just 9 pulls, oh no! That would just be tooooo easy, there’s in excess of 15 pulls in this print. It’s been printed by those lovely guys at K2. Entitled “I should Coco” its an edition of 50 on 250gsm white Somerset paper, signed and embossed, made in collaberation with Reed Projects gallery in Stavanger. Mail them if you want one, but i think its being released primarily to visitors to the gallery on the 9th of November.