commission currency london

Mickey mouse economy

1.65m by 0.9m stencil on canvas

commission Studio work

Brain in gear

120cm x 100cm commission on canvas

commission london

Bomb Da House

When friends move to london and put the call out to come and Bomb their house, how can you resist. Had a lot of fun yesterday painting a felix’s flat, even got the sickboy out to join in the fun.

Sickboy had a shot a little film of this throw up, you can probably see it here when its finished.

commission group show travel

NHH 75 years old

Been in Bergen for a week now running production on an interesting project put together by Nuart and NHH (norwegian school of economics). Ben Eine, M-city, Dolk Escif and Huyro have been marking the walls and sowing the seeds of doubt in the next generation of Norwegian economists in a project entitled Fuck Capitalism 

NHH Norwegian School of Economics is the leading business school in Norway and it is repeatedly ranked among the top 40 business schools in Europe. The school was founded in 1936 and celebrates its 75 years anniversary in 2011.

To challenge this perception of NHH, the school has in collaboration with Stavanger’s Nuart festival invited some of the world’s most renowned street artists to comment on NHHs ideological foundations on the schools huge walls. The artistic comments from the street artists will be supported by an academic program of presentations and panel debates taking place at NHH on September 6th.

commission Stavanger

Movie “On the hop”

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

Dotmasters “On The Hop” from Martin Hawkes on Vimeo.
A Reed Production, in July in Stavanger. The weather wasn’t ideal….it was Horrible to be honest so hats of to Martin Hawkes for sticking with it! God knows how many frames were shot during the 25 hours as he battled it through the weather with me. The last rising sequence was bracketed for the light conditions and merged,  I know there around 1200 frames in the last 6 seconds of the movie. think the film is quite beautiful, thanks!
More shots of the wall can be found here

commission murals Nuart Stavanger travel

On the hop or “Look Ma no Stencils”

It’s been a hard week, 16 hour days in the wind and the rain, and all too seldom the sun. After 3 days helping Ben Eine in Bergen (traditionally the wettest city on the west coast) in the blazing sunshine, i was hopeful that Stavanger would deliver the same. WRONG! The building above is the Lervig brewery, yes i got given the keys of a brewery and painted a bloody wall. Talk about couldn’t organise a piss up in a… Mike, the master brewer even offered me use of the company fridge! Hard to get enthusiastic for getting drunk in the rain 8m in the air in a cherry picker…..DAM.  Dodging raindrops the size of 50mm shells meant working through the night, in the vain hope that the forecasts were right. WRONG! But its nearly there and i”ve only a day more tweaking and introducing some stencil elements. The still above is from Martin Hawks, (Saft films) during the week he road tested some new camera equipment out and produced some stunning time lapse (with a difference!!) . He must of shot 1000’s of frames and each nights brought its own weather logistics, cameras don’t seem to like the rain much either. But wait till you see it…..beautifully filmed. Thanks to Carl for the shots below…again stunning, and of course the Nuart crew, and Reed productions for setting the whole thing up.



So after many requests, releasing this short edition of 36 doctored notes. Spray paint on cotton rag (supplied by the Bank of England) Priced at £20 in reality they only cost a tenner. You can buy them here

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commission Mallorca

Mallorca revisited

Some nice shots of Mallorca house Casa Son Vida featured at Juxtapoz. The plan is  to repaint it this July, plans are already underway for a more bond villain style work to replace the coi carp. ‘Best Ever’ Neil set to join me on the trip, theres a Son Vida mission. Be good to hit a wall or two after we’ve finished what we’ve come to do!

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commission Kameha prints soft furnishings

Kameha Dusseldorf

Kameha residencies Dusseldorf launched last week, I was commissioned to produce a series of cushions for the showroom and add a little stencil fun around this amazing hospital in the heart of Dusseldorf old town.




commission Kameha

Hot Dogs




Commission for Kameha Residencies Dussledorf, Germany.