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In Dussledorf and Bonn painting for a week or so and I wondered if any one out there had hook ups in town? Looking for local painters who can advise me, point out some spots and generally fill in the gaps. I Have some places to paint but seem to have some free time too. If you can help please use the contact form on this site to drop me a line, be good to find some friendly faces.

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So this month is silk screen month, lots of cloth being printed for various locations. Nice to be printing with the boys from Another Fine Mesh down in Lewes again. More info to follow over the next few days.

commission london Studio work

Playing with the dead


Playing with exquisite corpse stencils

collaboration commission Friends london Studio work

Exquisite Corpse


Unique canvas 105cm x 75cm
The work was created using photographs taken in the modified Mighty Booth
at the Royal Academy of Art on the 19th of February 2011 for the Club
Monaco UK launch.
These photographs were cut and pasted, in a manor based loosely on the
Exquisite corpse technique invented by Surrealists, at the beginning
of the 20th century. The work will be auctioned at Sotherby’s on the 22nd of March, the proceeds going to the Royal Academy of Art.

commission london soft furnishings

Patches for a large arse

Dont drink the Kool-aid

Loving these patches i just had made, they go with the “Dont drink the Koolaid” triptych. One will be framed and the rest stitched onto denim cushion covers.

commission london

Creation of capital



adams brain

commission london Studio work

Big Buck

Dollar bill detail

Dollar Stencil


Initially this was half cut for the Diet Life work last year. Only half of the Dollar was needed in the composition,  and as it took days to cut, a bloody good reason was needed to finish this finger destroying thing off. At last the reason was found and i finished this stencil off for the center piece of a commissioned work in Victoria, London.


commission london Studio work

Don’t drink the koolaid

One more left to go in the “Dont drink the Koolaid” triptych.
Two Polaroid style canvases 65cm x 75cm. The third in production.

commission london Studio work

The Believer

#2 in the jim jones triptych….


Jimmy Jimmy

jim jones colourway #2

Part of a triptych, 24 inch by 21 inch Jim Jones colourway, test spray on card. More colourways here