Finished these just in time to pick up a free drink at the Moniker Art fair.

Friends london stuff i like

Kids vs chocolate jesus

Nick Walkers show opened last night…. allot of fun was had by all. Loved the chocolate jesus destroyed by Mr W’s wonderful girls, a real family affair! Great show, have a look 7 Howick Place SW1 1BB

paranoic Studio work


Working on new modular piece, liking the results so far. Nine in the set hung 3×3 only 7 more to go.

Friends london mad pride protest

Hoist by their own placard

Mad Pride have asked me to provide the placards and design tee shirts for the demo on the 26th of October. So here’s the finished item. The papers are starting to break down the proposed cuts, and to be honest they are frightening. Why should the most vulnerable citizens pay for the mistakes of our richest ? Ah… thats right, because they have no voice or power. Glad we live in a caring society eh? Come along on the 26th and support our nations Mad people, help them get the care they deserve!

commission london paranoic

CCTV part 1

Playing with some new work, the theme will become apparent with each image release. There are nine in all the series is call Paranoic , it gets darker, trust me.

Friends london stuff i like


Its not often you see your art displayed in the way you’d want it displayed, but there are exceptions. I was visiting some friends today and spotted they given my work the top shelf treatment…..loving it!

commission Studio work

Nuffing on the box


working on some new stuff here’s a taster, content soon to be scheduled

Festival murals Stavanger


While in Stavanger a friend from last year asked me to brighten up a wall or two at their cafe in neighboring village of Sola . Run by two sisters Camilla and Amy the “thirsty  sisters” is a coffee shop with a difference, if your landing at the airport at Stavanger its worth dropping in for the best coffee in the region.

Festival nuart2010

Back up North

sign o the times

So back in Stavanger for the Nuart festival. Weather is amazing, i have been coming here for 6 years and haven’t seen blue skies like these. Thank god as this year its all outside walls with little or no indoor work. Went out painting with Roa and Twat last night. I love this town this time of year, 3 guys, loads of paint, stencils and cans rolling down the hill and the only people who stopped us were people interested in what was going on. No police, no shouts of OI YOU! Just friendly faces and encouragement its great to be back.

collaboration group show london

Soldiers Juxtapozed

images courtesy of Sandra Butterfly

Nice review of the Schoony Boy soldier show By Sandra Butterfly at Blackall Studios in the east end. The show moves later this week to Graffik London in Portobello road, West London.