Studio work

Old girl

Playing with an old set of dots

customized group show

Gun angel

Here is my contribution to the Boy soldier show. The show comprises of 40 panels created by that master of the cast Schoony. The show opens next friday with a private view on the Thursday the 2nd. It opens in the east end and then travels to the west

East London: Thurs 2nd to Sat 4th September 2010.
Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street London EC2A 4AS.

West London: Mon 6th to Sun 12th September 2010.
Graffik London Gallery, 284 Portobello Rd, London, W10 5TE

Others in the show are: Goldie – D*Face – Dan Baldwin – Matt Small – Mau Mau – Inkie – Joe Rush – David Bray – Dotmasters – BEST EVER – INSA – K-GUY – Carrie Reichardt – Nick Reynolds -John Nolan – Haruka Irie Fin DAC – Part2ism – Liliwenn – Snub23 …and many more.

The show will raise money for SHP (“preventing homelessness promoting social inclusion”, a charity for London’s homeless people with close links to the city’s urban art movement.

Festival Nuart nuart2010 Stavanger

Some Toy in Town

First up in Stavanger,’ Toy up’ series, Dotmasters,

customized found Studio work stuff i like

Studio shots

The light came through the window and illuminated the usual clutter, but somehow made it look beautiful.

More shots from the studio here

Studio work

Gun collection

Study for larger work

commission Mallorca stuff i like


Casa Son Vida pics from coolhunter shots of Dotmasters on the house.

check the Ali Gym shot in the distance

more here of course

collaboration customized Studio work

Zadok & I

Found some stuff Zadok and i did earlier this year that never saw the light of day. It was fun to work with one of the finest drawing machines i have ever met perhaps there will be more to come later this year….who knows? You can check out his stuff at Plastic Bones . Those of you who were paying attention to last Saturdays episode of Sherlock Holmes you may of noticed that he was responsible for allot of the graffiti in that episode. Anyhow here’s a couple of stencils I cut from the Z’s sketch’s.

The one below is sprayed on some mulberry paper that a friend brought me back from Bhutan.

commission Studio work

Lost in translation

So to return to the previous blog entry of Ill communication. Here’s the final image of a recent commission for Japan, the guy buying it saw a similarity to the work of a Japanese woodcut master Kitagawa Utamaro. High praise indeed. So with a series of misunderstood emails later, 3 canvases and a few days the finished image is completed.

found stuff i like

Old model

Wandering around brick lane on my way to atlantis, spotted these. Don’t know who did em but loved the technique if not the subject matter. Aren’t these folk famous enough? Is it weird cutting stuff from other peoples pictures or is it just me? Who knows perhaps Nick Knight is getting up. Nice style though. Ian from Wallkandy reckoned they were some sort of viral ad campaign, figures.

Studio work

Ill communication

Its funny making things for people, especially when descriptions come in another language. Here’s one that won’t see the light of day…will post the desired interpretation of the image as soon as its made. Its been a weird day, finding a common tongue between Japanese, and German and English, caught in a odd feedback loop, hopefully solved now. See here