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So…Here’s your first chance to watch “Eloquent Vandals” the film about the  Nuart’s festival 2008. Half an hour long and made with a hell of allot of good will. Its not a bad snapshot of what happens at Nuart (if you ignore the horrid lies that i break our artists noses). Any how you can watch it Monday January 31st at 10.00 GMT at the brooklynite gallery site. The film was directed and shot and lit by Martin Hawkes with myself conducting all the interviews and doing the sound . There is a fantastic soundtrack by Nick smith and the whole thing was put together at Saft films under the watchful eye of Mr Nuart himself Martyn Reed. Its worth a look and features footage of Nuart 2007 plus in depth interviews and a general look and feel at what we do at Nuart. There are lots of free give aways  available on the day so turn on, tune in, and Get up!

Festival Stavanger

Rainbows and toys

Thanks to Lin Heide for this great shot ….think if you look top left its a double rainbow

Festival Press Stavanger

Nuart Map

A cool interactive map for Nuart has been made by an unlikely source Aftenbladet you can see it here.
When i say unlikely it is because, as Stavangers widest read local paper it was astonishing to find absolutely no coverage of the event with in its pages during the weeks that it occured. The paper refused to cover the event stating (from an unnamed source) “that the paper had covered the festival for the last 9 years and didn’t see why it should cover the festival in its 10th year” of course this sort of logic is obvious to a provincial paper, ignoring the fact that the event was covered from the 4 corners of the planet by papers, magazines blogs and the like.
I’d like to thank Aftenbladet for the map, better late than never. Its a cool Map and shows each of the locations of the works as well up as pop up pictures of the works.

Festival murals Stavanger


While in Stavanger a friend from last year asked me to brighten up a wall or two at their cafe in neighboring village of Sola . Run by two sisters Camilla and Amy the “thirsty  sisters” is a coffee shop with a difference, if your landing at the airport at Stavanger its worth dropping in for the best coffee in the region.

Festival nuart2010 Stavanger

Nuart walking tour


Festival nuart2010 Stavanger

Nuart final report

Well this blog has been somewhat short of entries the last couple of weeks, mostly due the amount of work involved in Nuart and the subsequent partying. For those of you that don’t know i am the head of production for Nuart, so not only do i paint in the festival but i solve problems for the artists, fix cherry pickers, gather equipment and generally give the crew a hard time….they love it though 🙂 The weather for the last week of Nuart has been awful, some days saw 50mm of rain and despite this we managed to produce a hell of allot of  large landmark works around the town. Sten & Lex were the worst hit, pasting a 11m by 6m poster then cutting it on the wall is not the easiest thing in driving rain,  although Dolk came in as a easy second, my god it rained. Spent Friday up a cherry picker with Dolk sketching out his piece 12m in the air on the Norwegian coast in a full gale. Had to do the same job the next night as he was painting on water and nothing stuck to the wall. Roa, Blu and Eric il Cane had the best of the weather although they didn’t get off lightly. In the end we succeeded, The crew were amazing, the organisation faultless and the artists persevered through all that Stavanger could throw at them, both on and off the cherry pickers. I can still see Vhils and Joal wide eyed and dancing at the K-bar at the after party of Numusic an hour before their filghts. Allot of fun and allot of work, a good mix.

A blitz spirit developed among the crew and artists during the extended festival with all becoming great friends in the face of adversity. Big love to all involved

So its over for another year, there are still a few loose ends to tie up there are rumors of a book and there is a planned release of the film Eloquent vandals soon to be realeased, shot in 2008 its a backstage look at the festival. stay tuned

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Blu tou

Festival nuart2010

Back up North

sign o the times

So back in Stavanger for the Nuart festival. Weather is amazing, i have been coming here for 6 years and haven’t seen blue skies like these. Thank god as this year its all outside walls with little or no indoor work. Went out painting with Roa and Twat last night. I love this town this time of year, 3 guys, loads of paint, stencils and cans rolling down the hill and the only people who stopped us were people interested in what was going on. No police, no shouts of OI YOU! Just friendly faces and encouragement its great to be back.

Festival Friends group show


Pulled the stops out last wednesday, arrived at 8pm, started painting at 10pm and worked through the night and finished at 12pm. Solo one was there to keep me company while he painted the craziest piece ever. Photographs by Sandra you can see more of the shots of the day here.

Blek le Rat turned up to paint, it was nice to catch up with him, haven’t painted with him since Nuart. Tales of hunting wild boar and trips to Australia till early in the morning.

More info at Juxtapoz

Festival london murals

Portobello Film Festival

Preparing to paint down under the Westway at the Portobello Film Festivals outdoor cinema (just off Portobello Road). Part of this years festival program is ARTIST’S EYE where artists choose their favorite films, paint something in the cinema and introduce the movie of their choice before the screening.
On friday the 3rd of sept Blek Le Rat introduces Performance  and I present Holy Mountain, we will be painting there over the coming days. On the 4th Inkie presents and paints from Mr Hulot’s Holiday. The 5th see’s Babooshka painting and introducing Barbarella. Solo one will be painting down there and other artists such as Patrick Hughes, Andrew Logan and  Michael Horovitz will be introducing their fave films. A full program can be downloaded here
introduce their favourite films.