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Unfairground 17

Ahhh, Glastonbury, It’;s a double edged sword. An obstacle course through a chaotic fairground. Due to the Cannes lions gig appearing in the middle of my usual build, work started early in June, dragging the sideshows out, fixing trailers, building 28 foot mouths the usual thing for a uncrew carnie . Each year we ask a new artist to paint the hoardings in the unfairground. I’ve know Inkie for many years and thought his style would give a post victorian edge to our twisted fairground setting.

This year i brought a new sideshow, Small fortunes,¬†Dystopian futures that favour the unfair! Cross there palms in silver and delve into the future from our resident¬†fortune¬†tellers the Queens of the Underworld and Ted’s Walker. We had queues of the curious leaving satified if not perplexed.

We had a cracking year, with the misery of the previous years festival forgotten. No one can remember a hotter build, a fuller or friendlier festival. We had a Cracker!

Usual thanks to all the Uncrew! The folly family, our incredible production staff, everyone on the bars back stage and back! Jagz kooner, Bez, Scouse and fatty for the battle bus stage. OIf course for Sam Haggerty making it all happen in the first place and all those who came, watched the freak shows, danced and drank the night away or those that lost their shirts on the sideshows.

It was a cracking year, always a little Unfair but a bloody good laugh



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Updated Press section

i’ve been catching up on whats come out over the last few months, seems the press has caught up with the casa son vida project, check here for more info

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Studio visit

Helen Soteriou from Juxtaposed visited the studio a couple of weeks ago for a chat and to take some photos, check em out at Juxtaposed here.

Festival Press Stavanger

Nuart Map

A cool interactive map for Nuart has been made by an unlikely source Aftenbladet you can see it here.
When i say unlikely it is because, as Stavangers widest read local paper it was astonishing to find absolutely no coverage of the event with in its pages during the weeks that it occured. The paper refused to cover the event stating (from an unnamed source) “that the paper had covered the festival for the last 9 years and didn’t see why it should cover the festival in its 10th year” of course this sort of logic is obvious to a provincial paper, ignoring the fact that the event was covered from the 4 corners of the planet by papers, magazines blogs and the like.
I’d like to thank Aftenbladet for the map, better late than never. Its a cool Map and shows each of the locations of the works as well up as pop up pictures of the works.

nuart2010 Press

Nuart Press

Well the weather didn’t hold and now the town resembles the city i remember, but the artists soldier on! Sten and lex are impervious to it all and just toil through the rain, Vhils is hammering away in the drizzle and evol is hiding under bridges. Meanwhile the press are having a field day.


and on tv here


Interview on Juxtapoz

Its been quite a week for entries on Juxtapoz, Qrubiks, Nuart and now an interview by Helen Soteriou . You can find the interview here


Juxtapose QRubiks

Q&A interview in Juxtapoz online check it here