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Tagger scum

Some helpful person is labeling the street. Don’t know who is weirder, the Tagger or someone so incensed that they produce a sticker to tell you something you already knew. Made me laugh though!

Festival group show Nuart

Nuart 2010

Well its that time of year again. The preparations are underway for the mother of all street art festivals, the first and the best, Nuart 2010. Riding high on the success of last years stunning Brooklyn show that combined gallery and street based works, the Nuart team plan an even bigger show for the streets of Stavanger, Norway. Running for the month of September, Nuart amasses some of the biggest names in urban art, for a show that pervades the city, joining works from previous years in a town that is fast becoming one of the worlds largest street art collections. City wide the buzz word this years seems to be GO BIG! With cherry pickers being towed in from all over the west coast to guarantee that this years artists can reach the parts other painters cannot reach.
Artists include:
Eric ilcane, Italy, Blu, Italy, Vhils, Portugal,  Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Greece, Roa, Belgium, Dolk, Norway, Evol Gemany, M-City, Poland, Sten & Lex, Italy and of course Dotmasters, UK, with more to be announced

You can keep up to date at the Nuart website

group show murals

White Cross Street

A great line up for the Whitecross urban art show, the street becomes a gallery for the works of  Best Ever , Burning Candy, Carrie Reichardt, David Bray, Dotmasters, Dr D, Filthy Luker, Gavin Turk, Giles Walker, Matt Small, Mysterious Al, Paul Insect, Peter Dunne, Shepherd Fairey, Teddy Baden, Will Barras, Wreckage, Xenz

An amazing TWO day event! Over thirty leading Artists and over ten underground Musicians playing Parisian style on Whitecross Street, East London. Lots of wonderful activities and things to do for ALL ages. Giant knitting, canival parades, silk screen workshops. A childrens photo booth, stencil printing workshops, live art demonstrations, birds of prey and lots more. There will be loads of lovely food available and places to relax to make a whole afternoon of this event.

Saturday the 24th of July and Sunday the 25th

check out the site here

or Facebook them here


Not berlin

In munich, this made me laugh, north south divide or what

Friends Uncategorized

Gnome front

Early birthday present from Shaun, one of the best birthday presents ever. Hit the nail on the head with this offensive object, thanks pal! There are not so many people that have taste as wrong as i do! Created by a German artist called Ottmar Hoerl  who got into allot of hot water over this. Read about it here

Mallorca murals

Roof repair

After 14 months in the Mallorcan sun, rain and cold, the garage roof was looking tatty a day and a half’s touch up and its a good as new. Actually it looks a bit better, the sun has bleached the colours back and the paint has settled. The problems seem to have been caused buy the initial base coat not adhering to the concrete. Funny to repair work outside, often the council just seems to buff it out before it weathers at all. Off to Munich later today, I hear the Bavarian Councils curatorial position is one of the strictest in Europe.


You gotta love them boots

Sophie’s boots, you gotta love em.

customized Friends


A friends 3 year restoration project on a  1977  5.7 ltr Chevy Camino . Well done H!

Friends Glastonbury Mutoid waste department

As silly as it gets

You will have to bear with me, the photos from here are taken on my phone. Some nice person at Glastonbury decided to pop into the Tee Pee to help themselves to my camera….thanks. The funny thing looking back on the shots i have taken are that the pictures they take on are different from those you take when you consider the frame for a camera. Probably lots of reasons, mostly they normally only see the light of day when shown on the phone that took it and  may explain the following posts.

Anyhow back to as silly as it gets…here is as silly as it gets, Dan decides to base up some boards for work the next day, he’s taken 5 hours to get on site, its midnight, he has one light, a 3 day old roller and the dew is heavy, can he make the deadline?

customized Mallorca Studio work

Dreams of Louis

Dreams o Louis V

Back in Mallorca and picking up where i left off. Here to fix a old work the sun and rain has ravaged but while i am here might as well knock out some  new work on an old fridge door, approx 1.1m by 0.8m.