customized Mallorca Studio work

Dreams of Louis

Dreams o Louis V

Back in Mallorca and picking up where i left off. Here to fix a old work the sun and rain has ravaged but while i am here might as well knock out some  new work on an old fridge door, approx 1.1m by 0.8m.

Friends Glastonbury sideshow


Here’s a great shot from the Mighty Booth (facebook)or here (offical site here) which was set up next to us at Glastonbury, Its a staff shot of the our sideshows barkers…barking

customized Friends group show

Boy Soldier

Its a great line up, and a blinding substrate! Definitely not one to miss! In two locations so you have no excuse, now all i have to do is paint my one, at least i didn’t have to make 30 of these things like Tristan had to.

Glastonbury Mutoid waste department sideshow

Glastonbury sideshow report

Months in the making, finally after two weeks install on site the sideshows were ready for the public, The Barking showmen had their costumes, make up and were drunk enough to berate the public, so on first friday of the festival the sideshows opened to huge crowds eager to try their luck on the the unfairest ride in the unfair ground.

All the unfun of the fair, there were steady crowds who lined up to either throw baby doll body parts through the mouths on the gobbler or knock down the heads on the crackheads. The nights rolled on the  barkers got horse, some of the heads were smashed clean of their posts (can’t be a lot of love out there for some of these celebrities)

Over 2000 played during the weekend, dead fish prizes were won by all that played and a lucky few won the star prizes of our limited edition dolls. The rides could not of been done without the fantastic help of our crew, thats Caroline, Ruth, Cy, Finbar, Pete, Lizzy, Ross. Thanks guys you made a great weekend! Crack Heads and Gobbler are now touring sideshows available for all your twisted fairgrounds and festivals, use the contact form for inquiries.

soft furnishings Studio work

Going Soft

Finally after months of development, the cushions are ready, the shops been made and now all i have to do is shift some duck feathers. They are available from the Dot shop here. They are all unique and will not be repeated, there is only 34 in the first offering, so go on, vandalize your sofa with some of the hardest soft furnishings available from the street.

Glastonbury sideshow

Last piece of the Gobbler

Finished the last piece of the Gobbler side show for Galstonbury last night, 24′ x 8′.  Its the header decoration making the sideshow stand at about 18′ high. Now its just a case of packing it all and moving it on site and erecting the thing. I cant wait till we are throwing baby heads through those open mouths…..confused? wait and see!

The girls

soft furnishings Studio work


Why does everything take so long to make? Or does it just seem that way to me? Anyhow here are a sneek peek at a new edition of cushions. 34 individual one off designs, on a range of fabrics, lovingly handmade soon to be available online? Mail me if you want me to save you one,




Almost ready

Well its been 3 months in the making but the finishing touches are being put on the jokers side shows for the unfairground at glastonbury. Soon to be packed off , a final coat of varnish is all that is required. Thanks to Teddy Baden and Ben for letting me use their gym to construct the monsters.



Friends Glastonbury Mutoid waste department sideshow

Unfairground at Glastonbury

Not much content as yet, but during the build up and while festival is on the site will be updated, check out The Unfairground
Join Glastonbury legends the Mutoid Waste Co. at their party at the end of the world, featuring their latest sculptural lunacy: The Hellcopter. The nightclub of your wildest nightmares in the form of a Royal Navy helicopter crossed with a preying mantis – dare you attempt to blag your way into the secret members lounge hidden inside? Also presenting their mechanical menagerie of mythological beats: The Unnatural History museum, PLUS daily Wacky Races mutant vehicle parades!

The brave can take a stroll down Sam Haggerty’s & The dotmasters  Joker’s Sideshow Alley, where the lucky can win a limited edition Happy Doll, or indulge in the hedonistic delights of The Acid House hosted by Happy Mondays mainman / Celebrity Big Brother alumni Bez (maracas optional). And if you’re still looking for trouble, you can always pick your way through the aircraft graveyard and prop up the bar in the company of an undead aviator at the Apocalypse Hotel, or slip on your blue suede wellies and get down with the robots in Reverend Sharky’s Church Of The Holyroller, playing anything from Voodoo Swamp Blues to Jungle!

customized Friends

Propa Chopa

Propa Chopa

When Captain Shaunofski the new Jim Henson of the solar power animatronics asked me to decorate his bike at the wood festival a couple of weekends ago, i couldn’t resist. Hardly the bulldog bash but eventually we got told off for tagging the toilets.