Just a reminder that i have some new original works and some older works being raffled on:
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here that we are holding a fundraiser for a friend Patrizia, an Italian activist’s legal fees fighting a proscecution for seeking the truth about a death in the cells in Peruga Italy.
They will be stalls selling second hand stuff, kids stuff, collectables and general tat as well as a raffle where you can win original works.

Freedom of Speech

Raffle prize

In repressive regimes (usually the regimes western governments convince us to invade) the first loss of liberty is the freedom of speech. The first signifiers of a repressive regime are deaths in the cells.

My friend Patrizia Cirino has been accused of slander over the italian police’s detention and the subsequent death of Aldo Bianzino in Perugia. She has not accused anyone, she has only asked for information concerning the events that led up to  Aldo’s death. She is being prosecuted over this request for information, a lone woman of limited means against the state. Of course this means she will have to fight the case through their machine, the courts. This will cost a large amount of money and it is  for this reason we are holding a fund raising event on the:


I have donated several works for the raffle, unique works on aluminum. There will be all sorts of prizes and stalls, hopefully we can raise some funds to fight this case and get justice for both Aldo and Patrizia.

Raffle prize

Freedom of Speech

A good friend of mine has recently been accused of slander by the italian prison guards authority (italian state). Her crime? Asking for information about the death of Aldo Bianzino

In 2007, Aldo Bianzino a carpenter in Perugia Italy was arrested for growing a few marijuana plants, he was taken into custody, where 2 days later he was found dead in his prison cell. NO, EXPLANATION, OR DETAILS HAVE EVER BEEN RELEASED!  My friend, Patrizia Cirino an artist and activist, has been campaigning for information about Aldo’s death and is being accused of slander by the Italian authorities . Her crime? Simply wanting the truth. Help her get it and fight a possible 3 year sentence and win justice for Aldo.

Some like minded friends are putting together a fund raising event, i will be donating several items of art for the raffle  and trying to get other artist friends to do the same. If you want to donate something or enter the raffle or simply find out about our cause come down to THE ROYAL SOVEREIGN, CLAPTON SUNDAY 12th FEB FROM 2.30pm  64 Northwold Rd, E5 8RL

Trannies and Hammers

So Debs & Strapper from Wrekon invited us down to Endorse It In Dorset to set up “Old Boney” the High striking test your strength machine. It’s probably its last outing for the year, with the winter providing the time to tweak improvements to its set up and signage. Endorse it was one of the nicest festivals we’ve been to this year, lovely site and a great misx of some of the friendliest people we’ve had swing our hammer. Thanks to all that had a go, we had 48 people win prizes and 37 very strong men ring the bell, with one girl Kattja so close to doing it as well. Sunday is ladies day at the festival where the lads dress as women and with a punk/rockabilly line up there were some stunning outfits as you can see above.