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Royal Academy Auction

On the 22nd of March the exquisite corpse canvas was auctioned at the At the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, as part of the Royal Academy’s schools Annual Dinner & auction. There is a video here of the works displayed at Sotherby’s New Bond Street London. The evening was a big success with the work making £1275 for the Academy’s fund raiser. Thanks again to Club Monaco, Browns and the Mighty booth for making the whole thing allot fun.

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Playing with the dead


Playing with exquisite corpse stencils

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Exquisite Corpse


Unique canvas 105cm x 75cm
The work was created using photographs taken in the modified Mighty Booth
at the Royal Academy of Art on the 19th of February 2011 for the Club
Monaco UK launch.
These photographs were cut and pasted, in a manor based loosely on the
Exquisite corpse technique invented by Surrealists, at the beginning
of the 20th century. The work will be auctioned at Sotherby’s on the 22nd of March, the proceeds going to the Royal Academy of Art.

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Racking card


In these austere times none of us can afford to leave that dam Oyster card on the mirror or Cd case at whichever den of iniquity, rubbing salt into the wounds of an already expensive evening out on the tiles. 86mm x 54mm plastic cards edition of 250.

commission london Studio work

Big Buck

Dollar bill detail

Dollar Stencil


Initially this was half cut for the Diet Life work last year. Only half of the Dollar was needed in the composition,  and as it took days to cut, a bloody good reason was needed to finish this finger destroying thing off. At last the reason was found and i finished this stencil off for the center piece of a commissioned work in Victoria, London.


commission london Studio work

Don’t drink the koolaid

One more left to go in the “Dont drink the Koolaid” triptych.
Two Polaroid style canvases 65cm x 75cm. The third in production.

commission london Studio work

The Believer

#2 in the jim jones triptych….

commission london Studio work

Capture at last!


At  Last, its taken months, but the capture series is finished. Nine 40x 40 cm canvases that depict cultural cctv moments from a London centric perspective. “The CCTV camera is the perfect icon for Britain today, summing up the nature of the changing relationship between civil society and political state. They are an innovation in which Britain leads the world both technologically and in usage and are the visible manifestation of so many things which happen out of sight. It is almost impossible to avoid their gaze for an entire day and sitting like steel crows on their perches above us, truly they are emblematic of modern Britain.” Perry de Havilland

Depicted top left to top right are:
Securitas raid Heathrow
Last footage of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayeed
The stabbing of Derek Spaulding

Mid left to right:
7/7 bus bomb
The shooting of Jean Charles Menezes
Ian Tomlinson

Bottom left to right:
Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud beating Bandar Abdulaziz
Brinks Mat raid
Last footage of Jill Dando


Studio work

Pair of twins

Dream of Louis V

110 x  80cm A pair of canvases produced for two charity auctions, The White Ball at the end of January and the Haven House Childrens Hospice auction at Dreweatts in March. A pair of almost identical twins for a pair of deserving childrens charities.

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Capture series complete #9

Here is the last in the Capture series, Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud beating Bandar Abdulaziz in the lift at the landmark hotel london. Will post some pictures of the whole series together once they are hung in their new home.

Capture #9