london mad pride Studio work

Mad campaign trail

Its been a busy week in the dot studio with preparations for the Mad Pride demo. Placards have been made for the event and 100 tee shirts for the demonstrators. I think the tee shirts will be on sale from the Mad Pride website in the near future.

london Press Studio work

Studio visit

Helen Soteriou from Juxtaposed visited the studio a couple of weeks ago for a chat and to take some photos, check em out at Juxtaposed here.

Friends london stuff i like

Kids vs chocolate jesus

Nick Walkers show opened last night…. allot of fun was had by all. Loved the chocolate jesus destroyed by Mr W’s wonderful girls, a real family affair! Great show, have a look 7 Howick Place SW1 1BB

paranoic Studio work


Working on new modular piece, liking the results so far. Nine in the set hung 3×3 only 7 more to go.

Friends london stuff i like

Embossed and 3mil thick

An invite an a half thumped onto my doorstep this morning, the postman complained of a hernia and the dog sprained his jaw. With more gold than fort knox and more gucci than Louie 5, Nick walker pulls out all the stops with this invite for his new show, can’t wait to see what he’s been hiding.

Friends stickers stuff i like

File under sticker

While round at Sickboys, snapped his filing cabinet, think we all have a zone for our stickers and he’s got some crackers here.

Friends london stuff i like


Its not often you see your art displayed in the way you’d want it displayed, but there are exceptions. I was visiting some friends today and spotted they given my work the top shelf treatment…..loving it!

Festival Friends group show


Pulled the stops out last wednesday, arrived at 8pm, started painting at 10pm and worked through the night and finished at 12pm. Solo one was there to keep me company while he painted the craziest piece ever. Photographs by Sandra you can see more of the shots of the day here.

Blek le Rat turned up to paint, it was nice to catch up with him, haven’t painted with him since Nuart. Tales of hunting wild boar and trips to Australia till early in the morning.

More info at Juxtapoz

customized Friends group show

Soldiers on parade

photograph courtesy of Graffik london

What a great night and a great show! My worries about how all of these would look in one place were unfounded, it rocked! Amazing show not to be missed. All the artists really worked hard on this one, every Boy Soldier looked totally different and you could tell the substrate stretched the imagination. All the artists i talked to said that they struggled with these incredible panels, changing their minds many times on what to paint on them. Make sure you pop in, these are well worth the visit

Festival london murals

Portobello Film Festival

Preparing to paint down under the Westway at the Portobello Film Festivals outdoor cinema (just off Portobello Road). Part of this years festival program is ARTIST’S EYE where artists choose their favorite films, paint something in the cinema and introduce the movie of their choice before the screening.
On friday the 3rd of sept Blek Le Rat introduces Performance  and I present Holy Mountain, we will be painting there over the coming days. On the 4th Inkie presents and paints from Mr Hulot’s Holiday. The 5th see’s Babooshka painting and introducing Barbarella. Solo one will be painting down there and other artists such as Patrick Hughes, Andrew Logan and  Michael Horovitz will be introducing their fave films. A full program can be downloaded here
introduce their favourite films.